Soluciones de Gestión, Planeamiento y Arquitectura
Soluciones de Gestión, Planeamiento y Arquitectura

GENTIA. Consultancy.



The implementation of a new activity or business, the development of an idea or the execution of a project, require a prior evaluation phase of its technical feasibility and a cost analysis which is decisive to advance, modify or discard the initial approach.



GENTIA performs a preliminary analysis, whatever is the stage of development, and provides accurate and reliable information to allow making more appropriate decisions without incurring in unnecessary or dispensable costs.



GENTIA provides multidisciplinary advice on the technical and economic feasibility of:


  • Implementation of new activities (safe and classified).
  • Technical projects.
  • Urban developments.
  • Building and civil works.
  • Reactivation of stalled projects.
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Trouble shooting of construction deficiencies.


GENTIA advises, with the depth required in each case, based on the conclusions drawn from the following actions:


  • Compatibility analysis of activities and projects with the regulatory framework.
  • Optimization studies of the use of parcels and lots.
  • Costs estimation of writing projects and planning tools.
  • Costs evaluation and lead times of construction and legalization.
  • Analysis of the implementation of cost saving measures and improvement of the energy efficiency.
  • Analysis of construction deficiencies and solutions.
  • Checking property tax values.
  • Projects check and measurements.
  • Appraisals and valuations.














GENTIA. Management Solutions, Planning and Architecture.


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