Soluciones de Gestión, Planeamiento y Arquitectura
Soluciones de Gestión, Planeamiento y Arquitectura

GENTIA. Projects.

GENTIA is responsible, in any of its phases, of all kind of new plant projects, refurbishment, renovation or adaptation, as well as all of its installations.



GENTIA offers the possibility to be your only interlocutor in:


  • Local adaptations.
  • Interior design projects.
  • Architecture projects.
  • Activity projects.
  • Urban development projects.
  • Installation projects.




GENTIA checks and revises existing projects, both ongoing, as if paralyzed, and reports on the changes needed for optimization or reactivation.



GENTIA verifies and modifies, updating the existing legislation, uninitiated projects or those paralyzed in the execution in any stage of development.

GENTIA. Management Solutions, Planning and Architecture.


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