Soluciones de Gestión, Planeamiento y Arquitectura
Soluciones de Gestión, Planeamiento y Arquitectura

GENTIA. Management.



GENTIA manages all the procedures related to the implementation of new activities, drafting and amending urban planning, real estate developments, projects, construction, rehabilitation and legalization.


GENTIA is responsible for managing the writing and processing of documents required in each case, and keeps track of those developed by other technicians, among others, in the following procedures:


  • Communications and licensing activity.
  • Licensing of major and minor works.
  • Legalizations.
  • Urban planning.
  • Detailed studies and planning modifications.
  • Energy certification.
  • Building Assessment report.


GENTIA also offers the possibility to obtain several alternatives for each phase of development and make a comparison of the most suitable under criteria of quality and economy, so that the customer can select the most suitable to their interests.






GENTIA. Management Solutions, Planning and Architecture.


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